Additional Treatments


There are many types of leg pain and although they are not often actually diagnosed as true Sciatica, many of them can be treated successfully by Chiropractors. Leg pain and others symptoms such as numbness, instability etc. can be very debilitating and early care is usually sought as patients wish to return to work and activity quickly.


The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the most important joint in the human body, as obviously without proper function we cannot eat! There are many conditions that affect the TMJ from neck problems to dental issues as well as local injuries. It responds well to Chiropractic treatment and can often help dental pains and other mouth problems too.


Chiropractic research done into common headaches shows that treatment can help cervicogenic headaches (those derived from the neck region) and often eliminate them completely. Improving Migraine headaches and cluster headaches is more complicated, but some patients do find Chiropractic treatment helpful.


Although there is no significant research yet to support that Fibromyalgia can be improved by Chiropractic care, many patients who suffer from it report more mobility and less pain after treatment and respond well to home advice to help reduce their symptoms too.

Free Spinal Screenings:

At Helston & Lizard Chiropractic we offer a free check up to anyone who would like to come and find out if we are able to help them with their pain and other symptoms. It allows people to ask questions in a confidential setting, the session takes about twenty to thirty minutes, the patient can ask and answer a few questions and Jade Gillow-Hurd will let you know if she is able to help with Chiropractic treatment. If Chiropractic is not suitable for a particular problem, then advice is given or referrals can be made.