“On my first visit to Jade I had acute pain in my lumbar / lower back region and even standing up straight was painful. This was after two solid weeks of hiking and climbing in the Alps. Jade alleviated this pain in ONE session. I live abroad so only had time for one. She is extremely thorough and took a pulse reading. To continue the treatment and also as a preventative measure, she recommended a series of exercises to strengthen the affected area against recurrence. I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend treatment with Jade. You are lucky to live within distance of the most professional chiropractor I have visited!”

Mike – Spain

“I suffered two motorcycle accidents and needed two operations but still had limited use of my left dominant arm. I was recommended to Jade Gillow-Hurd and the treatment she did helped my shoulder and back straight away. She also gave me exercises and advice so I could do stuff myself, after about 8 months my shoulder and back is now fine. I’m really pleased I went to her”

Josh S – Welder, aged 22

“Jade’s treatment works because she has stabilised my weak areas and allowed me to build up my core strength with carefully selected exercises which enable me to have a busy working life combined with an active social life.”

Staff Nurse – aged 54

“Jade keeps my skeleton and muscle groups in great working order whilst I work and play hard.”

Gary – Builder and rugby player, aged 52

“Jade has been helping keep my back problems at bay for 3 years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, she gives great explanations as to what the issues are and her treatment always helps.”

Ben Thomas – Business owner, aged 32

“My neck and arm hurt for years before I saw Jade, I go for treatment every few months now and can work and do my hobbies easily. I’d recommend it!”

Louis W. – Gardener, aged 36

“I’ve suffered with a shoulder problem for many years. After seeing various physios and osteopaths, I decided to try Jade’s Chiropractic clinic and her treatment has helped me so much. Thanks Jade!”

Kattie Rosser – Wine Merchant, aged 39